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Intersoft Solutions Corporation


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Maskierte Eingabe
Description (English): WebInput.NET is a powerful ASP.NET component that has formatting, masking and validating capability similar to what you have in Microsoft Access®. Developers can now provide excellent and rich input in their web application for entering fields such as Social Security Number, Extension, and Phone Number in any culture, or formats as long as it conforms to the Microsoft Access® masking specification. End users have been very familiar with Windows date input control, where they can use keyboard to select each element of the DateTime, and easily change only a part of DateTime element by either spinning the value up and down, or by typing directly into that element, such as the day element or month element. With WebInput, now you can do the same for your web application plus the ability to select from the calendar dropdown. For currency input, WebInput also has a special feature which allows the user to input the currency using Microsoft Money® style Calculator Editor. For more information about WebInput.NET 2.0, please visit our website at
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329.00 USD 
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