DOTNET Scripting Host (DSH)
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The DOTNET Scripting Host (DSH) is a script host for the Common Language Runtime (CLR) in the Microsoft .NET Framework and simulates the basic functions of the Windows Script Host (WSH).

1.        Launching scripts at the command line and with double click

2.        Passing parameters to the script 

3.        Packaging (multiple) scripts in an XML structure

4.        Using different languages in one script document

5.        Support for Visual Basic .NET, C# and JScript .NET

6.        Using components (.NET Framework Class Library classes and classes from other .NET assemblies)

7.        Remote execution of scripts (Remote Scripting)

8.        Optional logging to text files and the Windows event log

9.        Optional saving of compiled script as an executable

DSH ist Freeware. The DSH is not the official "WSH.NET" from Microsoft!
Current Version: 1.1


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