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Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server
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ADO.NET Data Provider

Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Erweiterung zur Unterstützung von Oracle-Datenbanken in verteilten Transaktionen des Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinators (MSDTC) für MTS, COM+, .NET Enterprise Services und System.Transactions
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Remarks (English): Oracle Services for MTS allow customers to use Oracle databases as resource managers in MTS-coordinated transactions, providing strong integration between Oracle solutions and MTS. The Oracle Services for MTS act as a proxy for the Oracle database to the MTS Distributed Transaction Coordinator. As a result, these services provide client-side connection pooling with MTS and allow COM components that leverage Oracle to participate in MTS transactions. In addition, the Oracle Services for MTS can operate with Oracle databases running on any operating system, given that the services themselves are run on Windows.


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